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Our Philosophy



Professionalism and excellent communication are at the foundation of our success and fundamental to the way we as team D’AMICO function. We strive to make legal proceedings accessible to our clients by keeping them informed with regular progress updates, at all times. We are proud to have maintained long-standing relationships with many of our clients; relationships that are built on sound legal practice, excellent service and trust. We value our reputation as a legal Company that practises not only competently, but also with integrity.



We are proud of our reputation for being “The practice that delivers on their promises.” Most of our business comes through referrals, which is testimony to the quality of the legal advice and service we offer.


Global Service

Our qualifications make it possible to offer our clients an international service, allowing us to offer as example, drafting three-way agreements involving parties in multiple countries.


Good Will

We have represented many well-known business people and legal entities over the years and have enjoyed outstanding success in representations on our clients’ behalf.

Our Practice Areas


Civil and Commercial litigation.


Leading expertise in franchising law, franchise agreements and updating existing documentation to ensure that you are compliant with the Consumer Protection Act.


Consumer Protection Act

Providing legal advice so that our clients comply with the Consumer Protection Act.




All aspects relating to family law.

Commercial and Corporate

Legal advice and structure.

High Court Applications

Comprehensive strategy and approach to highly technical applications.



Creation and drawing up of testimonials


Trademark and Patents

Our comprehensive service does not include Intellectual Property but we work togther with a legal practice which specialises in this area.

Our Partners

Over the years we have partnered with leading organisations to ensure that your fanchise business gets the best attention and success in the market  either as a new business venture or existing one. This compliment of skills and expertise gives you piece of mind in the final product or service delivered.

Our Attorneys

Sandra Copeland

Sandra Copeland

Attorney - B.Com; LLB

Sandra Copeland obtained BCom degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1987, and went on to obtain her LLB degree from the same university in 1990. In 1992, Sandra completed the Management Advancement Programme through the Wits Business School.

Following completion of her studies, Sandra embarked on a business career in the medical devices and pharmaceutical industries.

Utilising her legal training, Sandra successfully took operational control of regulatory and legal issues, corporate governance, infrastructure, management information systems, quality management systems, technology, human resources and logistics.

The companies with which Sandra was involved, eventually both as shareholder and director, ranged from an entrepreneurial start-up organisation to a multi-national global corporation.

Sandra has been at D’Amico Incorporated since 2011 and her key areas are commercial and franchising law.

Maria D'Amico

Maria D'Amico

Attorney BA LLB (WITS), UK

Maria D’Amico holds an LLB in Law (obtained at WITS) and has been practicing as an attorney for 31 years in her own law firm D’Amico Attorneys. Maria is an expert in commercial law, commercial litigation and franchising. Maria’s understanding of franchising law is invaluable to anyone involved in the franchising industry. Maria regularly gives presentation on matters relating to franchising.

Maria is also qualified as a Solicitor in England, the United Kingdom, completed her Canadian legal conversion exams and is a Civil and Commercial Mediator (having obtained her certificate from the ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution group in London).

Association Contributions

  • Served as the legal adviser to the Businesswomen’s Association (BWA). Maria was instrumental in the merging of the BWA with two other women’s groups.
  • Has been a member of FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa) for over 26 years. She has been involved in evaluating franchise agreements to determine whether they are compliant with the Consumer Protection Act for new franchisors who wish to become members of FASA .
  • Is presently the chairperson of the FASA membership committee.
  • Is presently a board member of FASA.
  • Is the chairperson elect for FASA in 2021.
Romaana Sheik

Romaana Sheik

Attorney - LLB

Romaana Sheik attended the University of South Africa where she graduated with her LLB in 2016.

She began her articles at D’Amico Incorporated in January 2017 and completed her articles of clerkship with D’Amico Incorporated in May 2019.

Romaana was admitted as an attorney in the High Court of South Africa in August 2019 and has stayed on at D’Amico Incorporated as an attorney.

Romaana’s areas of interest include franchising law, commercial law (contract and litigation), family law and legal and technology (4IR).

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