Maria D'Amico - BA LLB (Wits); Director of D'Amico Inc.

Is a director of the company, she completed her BA (LLB) at Wits in 1987 and qualified as a Solicitor (United Kingdom) in 2000. Shortly after completing her 2 years articles, she went into practice for her own account in December 1990, then six months later went into a partnership which was dissolved in August 1995, when she assumed control of the company which was renamed D'Amico Incorporated.

Maria completed the Canadian legal conversion exams in respect of Canada in the late 2000ís.

Maria holds a mediatorís training course in civil and commercial mediation from ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Group in London.

Maria was the legal adviser to the Business Womenís Association (BWA).

Maria is a member of FASA (Franchising Association of South Africa).

Maria specializes in the following:

  • Commercial Law (agreements);
  • Franchising Law;
  • High Court Litigation.